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The Texas Board of Nursing mission is to protect and promote the welfare of the people of Texas by ensuring that each person holding a license as a nurse in the State of Texas is competent to practice safely.

Center For Clinical Excellence


Mission Statement

The Center for Clinical Excellence is dedicated to providing a simulated clinical experience where students integrate theory and practice, critically think, and utilize the latest technology to ensure safe patient care.
In order to accomplish its mission, the Center for Clinical Excellence is committed to the following purposes:

  • To provide a quality educational experience for Health Occupation students at SPC; 
  • Serve as a resource to faculty during the development, implementation and evaluation of simulation activities;
  • To provide students the opportunity to acquire skills for communication, critical thinking and problem-solving through the use of simulation and technology;
  • To provide additional clinical experiences to accommodate increased numbers of students;
  • To work in partnership with others in the community to provide programs, resources and educational opportunities.

Vision Statement

Improving each student’s life through simulation and technology